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The iBamcy  Team Member

WAYNE HITCHENS - Managing Director (Global)

Wayne has over twenty one years in senior management roles, both in the private as well as the corporate sector.

He has spent much of his time in international roles, which have spanned the Americas, Africa, the United Kingdom and most recently Australia.

Coming from a family of business people, with both of his grandfather’s being engineers; he quickly learned the art of business management.

In the nineteen nineties he was catapulted unwittingly up the corporate ladder and as he will tell you, by being in the right place at the right time.

In his early years he was fortunate enough to be personally trained by one of the world’s business leaders. His years spent in manufacturing, sales and distribution at a senior board level, give him an insight into the various aspects that permeate the business world.

In 2003, Wayne took the leap of faith and left the corporate world to move into the private sector, where he complements his clients by advising at a senior board level.

He has won numerous business awards and is an avid supporter of governance and structure.

Complementing his financial skills is a love of client interaction and strategic growth, sustainability and exit.

His personal belief system is non-negotiable and he is not shy of sharing his beliefs.

He doesn’t work on Thursday mornings, when he spends his time in an active community-based education work.

He calls it his “keep the eye simple” time!

He is married to Kim and has two beautiful adult children.