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How ready is your business to sell?

How ready is your business to sell?

Confronting question, isn’t it?

Are you emotionally ready to exit?

There are a number of areas that need consideration when think about preparing for a sale or exit.

Have you taken the time to engage with a Certified Professional to assist you with the process?

Given that it could arguably be one of, if not the most, important financial decisions you’ll undertake, it would be good to plan the process.

Here are just a few of the action items to consider making sure you have comprehensively covered  off:

  1. Valuation expectations checklist (9 points to consider).
  2. Personal Expectations checklist (8 points to consider)
  3. Shareholder Goals Checklist (10 points to consider)
  4. Payment considerations Checklist (6 points to consider)
  5. Value Readiness (11 points to consider)
  6. Marketing Documentation and Systems (7 points to consider)
  7. Employee & Management (23 points to consider)

And the list goes on. Still thinking of selling?

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