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Ongoing Support – Our Commitment To You

iBamcy - Internationally Certified Exit Planning Advisory Services

Now that the strategies have been agreed and you are starting to implement these, taking complete ownership of the process, we like to be there to assist and support you on an ongoing basis.

Consider that less than 10% of strategies are successfully implemented and more than 70% of CEO failures are simply as result of poor execution.

If building a successful business is important to you, then our approach and processes will help you achieve your goals. The most successful businesses are those that are able to define their success factors and then build systems to automate and drive the business forward.

Outcomes of working with us.

  • Profit and value enhancement.
  • High performance business culture.
  • Clear direction (business, personal and exit.
  • Less stress; more certainty and control.
  • Staff accountability at all levels.
  • High staff engagement and morale.
  • Strong platform for growth
  • Business systems and automation

What we offer.

Here is where we believe we can really help you.

We work on a very simple principle, that the sum of the parts is way stronger than the individual parts.

We form a team of strategic advisors around you to support you in every initiative in your business.

With one point of contact and one team who knows your situation. It is that simple.

Our program.


  • Step by step management strategy.
  • Articulation of your goals and vision.
  • Improved employee engagement.
  • Cloud based software as a core to develop, align and drive strategy.
  • Performance recording and promptings.
  • Systemization of policies and procedures.


  • Ongoing workshops.
  • Strategy execution.

Business diagnostics.

  • Financial health check.
  • Potential buyer attractiveness.
  • System analysis.

Business resources.

  • Business articles and references.


Are you personally ready to exit your business? Is your business ready for you to exit it? How attractive is your business for when you are ready to exit? Take our free tests and see how you score.