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Failure to implement.

What do you think it is that causes most businesses and CEO’s headaches and often leads to the downfall of businesses?

It is simply this: a failure to implement.

Whilst that may sound like a pretty basic comment, and it is, what most businesses lack is a system to agree, measure and modify KPI’s.

And that is why staff get discouraged.

Try this simple test:

Get your top three sales people into your office and give them each a dart (as in the game darts).

Then, keep dead quiet.

Watch the reaction. It will be a struggle, but keep dead quiet.

See who asks you: “So, what’s the target?” Chances are fairly good, that this particular person is the one to back.

Then ask yourself this question: “Are their KPI’s based on the SMART principle?

And with that, I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your day.