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Ratios and understanding the numbers.

Ratios and understanding the numbers.

Business, besides being fun, is all about the numbers.

And the numbers need to talk to you!

So, let’s start with a little game.

Let’s say you bought an item for a dollar and sold it for two dollars.

Here is where the numbers need to start meaning something to us.

Let me ask you a question?

What is your Gross Profit percentage?

If you answered 100%, you may need some help in your business.

If you answered 50%, you’re spot on!

How do you measure your business and how do you plan for the future?

Do you measure your debtor days?

What is your break-even point?

Do you bench mark your business?

These are all important factors in our business.

For help on these and other really important indicators, give us a call or email us to make a time for us to come and have a chat.

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